Dr. Cynthia Cohen

Dr. Cohen joined Community Animal Hospital in December, 2015 after having worked in other private practices and an emergency practice for 13 years after graduating from Tufts in 2002.   She thrives on being a part of the veterinarian-client-patient bond and playing a role in the lives of pets and their families from first pediatric visit throughout the life of the pet.  She has a fondness for the senior pets and is always honored to be a part of the tough decisions surrounding end-of-life discussions and euthanasia.

While a third year student at Tufts, she was one of a four member team and a co-author on a journal paper that pioneered the importance of classroom teaching of euthanasia skills, quality of life discussions and client communication in end-of-life decisions. She was instrumental in getting Tufts and other U.S. veterinary schools to recognize the necessity for teaching and talking about euthanasia in the classroom.  It is largely because of her efforts that Tufts continues to teach this course to their third year students.

As the 2002 winner of the Valerie Bates Humanitarian Award for which she was nominated by her fellow classmates, Dr. Cohen is a staunch proponent of the humane treatment and respect for all creatures.  You will often see her crawling around on the floor with a new puppy or a senior pet or speaking softly to a scared, angry cat.

Her areas of special medical interest include feline medicine, endocrinology, dermatology, and at-home euthanasia.

In her spare time, she maintains her passion for her other career; that of a Nationally Certified Sign Language Interpreter.  With over 25 years of experience, Dr. Cohen is a very active member of the interpreting community and when not working in veterinary medicine, is usually interpreting for a number of companies or freelancing in the community.

Dr. Cohen was just elected to the Board of Directors of the American Association of Feline Practitioners - she will begin her two year term in October, 2022

Travel, organizing and spending time with her family and friends are her off-work activities.  She shares her home in Sterling, MA with Dean, a Yellow lab named Seashell (Shelly) and her two ragdoll cats, Starfish and Sybil.