Ultrasounds with a Board-Certified Specialist

At Community Animal Hospital in Shrewsbury, we’re proud to offer you and your pet high-quality in-house ultrasounds performed by board-certified internal medicine specialists. Ultrasound plays an important role in our diagnostic process as it allows us to gain a detailed image of your pet’s organs and their surrounding area. Additionally, we can perform an echocardiogram, or an ultrasound of the heart, to diagnose dangerous heart conditions before they become a bigger problem.

Vets Give Dog Ultrasound in Shrewsbury

Ultrasound Technology: A Live Internal View

Ultrasound uses ultrasonic sound waves that bounce off internal structures of your pet’s body and give a detailed view inside. Instead of a still image produced by x-rays, ultrasound allows us to view organs as they are working, which makes it easier to detect any issues with an organ’s functionality. Ultrasound is useful in viewing:

  • Organs such as the kidneys and bladder for stones
  • The liver and spleen for disease
  • Endocrine glands such as the thyroid
  • A pregnant female’s unborn litter
  • The heart (known as an echocardiogram)

What to Expect from a Procedure

All of our ultrasounds are performed by our licensed veterinarians, so you know your pet is in good, capable hands. Ultrasound is a completely non-invasive, safe procedure that does not involve anesthesia. All we do is clip your pet’s hair in the area we are examining to allow for an unobstructed view and easy gliding of our ultrasound device. Your pet will not require any recovery time or post-procedure care—they’ll be able to go home right after the procedure. A pet ultrasound generally takes less than an hour, and we’ll have information about your pet’s condition as soon as we’re done.

Vets Give Cat Ultrasound in Shrewsbury

If you are interested in learning more about our pet ultrasound procedures and how it could benefit your pet, please get in touch!